The Story

The construction of the Baglio dates back to 1700 and is most likely to be attributed to the Vannucci Marquis of Santa Maria del Balchino. In 1000, the property was owned by two distinct buyers: Joe Lo Monaco and Andrea Cataldo, who started a thriving business using the products grown in the fund that they exported to Italy and abroad.

Today the Baglio is inhabited by the fifth generation of owners including Daniela Adamo who in the footsteps of her great-grandparents manages the activities of the organic farm producing extra virgin olive oil, offers an innovative way of hospitality in the Baglio and experiences of nature and food.


In Sicily, the baglio is a fortified farm with a large internal courtyard. Its birth to the Spanish domination and it is a real farm inhabited by both landowners and peasants.

Generally a part of the building had a noble floor in which lived the “master” and his family. The lower floors, on the other hand, consisted of warehouses and accommodation for the peasants. Inside the courtyard overlooked the stables, the warehouses for the storage of work tools or crops and frequently there was also a small chapel where religious functions took place.